Move Vehicles Easier, Faster, and Safer with LIFTnLOCK

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LIFTnLOCK 2.0: A Revolutionary Wheel Lift Attachment

Moving cars with your forklift or skid-steer is now easier, faster, and safer than ever thanks to our new LIFTnLOCK 2.0 lift attachment! Designed for easy use, minimal maintenance, and maximum longevity, LIFTnLOCK will immediately boost productivity and space savings on your lot.

move cars with forklift LIFTnLOCK
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LIFTnLOCK Pays for Itself by Saving You Time, Space, and Money

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Save Money

Stop losing money on poor quality forklift car movers and invest in a tool that lasts for years.

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Save Time

Quickly place and maneuver vehicles throughout your lot thanks to LIFTnLOCK’s innovative design.

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Save Space

Efficiently organize vehicles on your property with a wheel lift attachment that handles tight turns and spaces.

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Prevent Damage

LIFTnLOCK’s custom designed tire cradles allow you to securely move cars or trucks without causing damage.

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Reduce Maintenance

Lower your ongoing maintenance costs by using a wrecker forklift attachment with NO HYDRAULICS.

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Gain Security

Using LIFTnLOCK to tightly organize vehicles on your lot not only frees up space, but also deters thieves.

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Innovative Features Separate LIFTnLOCK from the Competition

With state-of-the-art features and premium quality construction, LIFTnLOCK offers an unmatched level of convenience and reliability as compared to other forklift towing attachments on the market. Get more for your money by investing in a tool that is designed to last for years in even the harshest environments.

Tire Cradles

universal tire cradles LIFTnLOCK

Universal Tire Cradles

LIFTnLOCK 2.0 Patented Tire Cradle Design have four independent rocker plates that automatically assist with gripping the tires of the vehicle when lifting, as well as keeping the vehicle secured during transport.

Low Profile Design

LIFTnLOCK low profile design

Low Profile Design

LIFTnLOCK’s new low profile design makes it easy to work with any vehicle, even newer vehicle models that have wide wheelbases, larger wheels, and lower ground clearance.

Rugged Spring Tubes

tire cradle spring tubes LIFTnLOCK 2.0

Rugged Spring Tubes

Always “ready to go”, LIFTnLOCK 2.0 has rugged steel tubes with a spring inside, as well as a spring in the center tube to automatically re-center the tire cradle pivoting head to the “ready to go” position every time.

Universal Fork Tubes

LIFTnLOCK 2.0 forklift tube angle

Universal Fork Tubes

LIFTnLOCK 2.0 fits all standard sized forks measuring 42″ to 60″. We also have an optional shim package available to fine tune the fit on your pre-existing fork set for more lifting power!

Recessed Grease Fittings

LIFTnLOCK recessed grease fittings liftnlock

Recessed Grease Fittings

LIFTnLOCK requires minimal maintenance! Simply apply grease to the moving joints routinely and your LIFTnLOCK could last you for years. Learn more about LIFTnLOCK maintenance.

Auto Centering Pivot Head

pivot head spring LIFTnLOCK

Auto-Centering Pivot Head

LIFTnLOCK 2.0 has a spring inside the center tube to automatically re-center the tire cradle pivoting head to the ready-to-go position.

Easy to Operate

No Hydraulics

Patented Design

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The Perfect Tool for Anyone Who Needs to Move Vehicles

The Perfect Tool for Anyone Who Needs to Move Vehicles

Body Shops


Border Patrol





Dealer Auctions

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Move Vehicles Easier Than Ever Before