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LIFTnLOCK Is Safe and Easy to Use

Step 1 - Position LIFTnLOCK

Position LIFTnLOCK

Approach the vehicle with the forklift car mover attachment centered to the vehicle's wheel base. Position the attachment parallel (flat) and as close to the ground as possible.

Step 2 - Engage Tire Cradles

Engage Tire Cradles

Carefully drive forward into the vehicle center while ensuring the attachment is below the vehicle's front bumper before proceeding. Move forward until the tire cradles are fully wrapped around the vehicle's tires.

Step 3 - Engage Rocker Plates

Engage Rocker Plates

Tilt the forklift or skid-steer mast back (raise the fork tips) to fully engage the tire-locking rocker plates and securely "bite" the vehicle's tires.

Step 4 - Lift the Vehicle

Lift the Vehicle

Lift the forks to the desired height for moving the vehicle. Avoid overlifting the vehicle which may cause the bumper to drag while in transport.

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