LIFTnLOCK Maintenance

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LIFTnLOCK Requires Minimal Maintenance

skid plate inspection replacement

Periodically Inspect or Replace Skid Plates

LIFTnLOCK's low profile design requires the addition of "skid plates" which protect the center pivoting head pin during operation. We recommend periodically inspecting your skid plates for wear, and replacing them as needed. The lifespan of your plates will depend on several factors, including frequency of operation and operator damage prevention during use. Contact our sales team in the event you require replacement plates.

grease zerk maintenance close up

Periodically Apply Grease to Grease Zerks

There are several recessed grease zerks for the center swivel head and both tire cradles. We recommend periodically inspecting these zerks and applying additional grease to extend the life of your LIFTnLOCk forklift towing attachment.

moving parts free of debris

Keep Moving Parts Free of Debris

To extend the life of your LIFTnLOCK as long as possible, you should attempt to avoid all trash and debris during use, and you should also remove any debris that may build up in the attachment's moving parts over time.

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